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Ada's P.O.V

"But I don't want to go!"
After the fourth or fifth time of pleading to stay in Apotos, my mother looked up. She raised her brows at me and looked at me in a way that was almost begging me to start pleading again. I decided against it though as everyone knew my mother could get pretty vicious when she lost her temper. She never used to be like this...

The reason why I was pleading to stay in Apotos was because my mother intended to send me to live with my biological father for a while. I had never met my father but I knew exactly who he was. My father was Sonic the hedgehog, king of Mobius. Up until the age of seven I was oblivious as to who my real father was. I had always just assumed it was my step-father Siri, even though he didn't enter my life until I was three. When children at my school used to ask me where I got my fur colour from my mom used to tell me to say it was from great-grandparent. When my mother fell pregnant again she decided it was then time to tell me who my real father was. I know Siri isn't my real father, but he is the only one who has filled that role for me. I wanted to see Sonic once before. It was my tenth birthday and I begged my mother to take me to see him. Her response was cold and I remember it clearly. My mother's excuse for not taking me was that it would only cause him more scrutiny if the public found out he had another illegitimate child. Of course, when I found out he regularly had contact with this other illegitimate child, I turned my mother's response into a poor excuse.

"Adelaide we've been through this countless times this past week and you kn-"
Interrupting my mother, I slammed my right fist onto the table, causing a few cutlery items near me to rattle.
"Why should I go to Mobius because I am expected to spend some time with my real father?" I questioned, glaring at her from across the table. Siri and my half-brother Dimitri went completely silent whilst my mother and I argued. "For all I care he isn't even my real father!"

"Ada, please, you know the reasons why you weren't allowed to spend time with him. You should be happy that he wants to get to know you."

"He's had seventeen years to get to know me! I don't want to meet someone who practically shut me out of his life. Besides, we all know you really want me to go because I've become to much of an inconvenience towards you."

Obviously what I said hit a nerve with my mother. Straight after my little speech, she ordered that I leave and stay in my room for the rest of the evening as she couldn't bare to see me. She even made sure to inform me that I had no choice in the matter regarding me leaving tomorrow.


I stayed awake until around 10:30 before I finally crawled under my fluffy duvet. Much to my surprise, when I entered my room, several of my items had been packed into suitcases ready for me to leave tomorrow. Going to Mobius did not bother me so much, it was mainly the very thought of having to converse with my biological father that churned up my negative thoughts. I had almost drifted off to sleep when Dimitri entered my room. He swiftly made his way over to me before hopping onto the end of my bed. Even in my poorly lit room, I could still see that his black tipped purple quills were all ruffled.

"Something wrong?" I questioned, sitting up so I was more comfortable.

"I'll miss you. Sure, you annoy the hell out of me but I'm still gonna miss you." he responded, doing his best to avoid looking at me. I guess it was just too embarrassing for him to admit something like this to my face. I leaned over towards him and wrapped my arms around him, forcing him into a very awkward looking hug.

"I'll miss you too, little brother."

I left that morning, after being woken up early by one of the maids. Whilst I had my breakfast and got washed and changed, they moved my suitcases downstairs and into the transport outside. When I said goodbye to my family, my mother didn't even have the decency to see me off. Siri and I exchanged some nice words and he made me promise to regularly keep in contact whilst I was gone. He never mentioned anything about my mother and why she didn't come and see me off, something which I was actually surprised about.

After bidding my farewells I was whisked off on what might've been the longest journey I've ever had to take before I arrived in Mobius. It was exactly as I was told it would be like. Whilst the city itself was very pretty, I must admit it was a lot to take in at first glance. Apotos was much smaller, and I pretty much knew my way around most places there and I knew most of the residents (something which I take immense pride in). I had a feeling if I wondered too far, I was bound to get lost.

The only bonus was that I did manage to scope several places which would be perfect fro riding my hoverboard.

When I arrived at the palace I oddly felt at home. It was much larger than the one in Apotos but it didn't put me off as I was already used to living in such a place. When I entered I was greeted mostly by silence. Other than a few people who worked in the palace, I didn't spot anyone. After being stood around for about five minutes, somebody eventually came and took my suitcase away. I was going to follow them when a voice shouting my name cut me off.


I turned to the voice, finding a aging blue hedgehog making his way towards me. Judging by how he said my name and the way he came towards me, this was my father. Once he reached me, he extended his arms and bought me into a warm hug. I stood there looking rather awkward while we hugged it out. He pulled away from and I noticed he looked a little crestfallen that I hadn't reciprocated the hug.

I shot him an apologetic look, hoping that I wouldn't have to explain my reasons to him. Thankfully he didn't pry, but I couldn't help but notice how awkward it suddenly seemed between us.

"If you don't mind me asking, where is everyone? It seems awfully quiet for a castle..."

He flashed me a toothy grin running his fingers through his quills before responding. "They're all out for the day, since it's my first time meeting you since you were a baby. My wife and son should be back later tonight, otherwise you can meet everyone tomorrow."

My first day in Mobius ended up being a lot better than I thought it would be. I still wasn't too happy about being here, but I was warming up to the idea a bit more now. As for my dad I was still bit uncertain as to what to think. I think only time can tell how our relationship will develop.
SFG: Chapter 1
Here is the first chapter! I was going to get this out last week, and then stuff came up and I just couldn't find the time to do so...

Ada, Ophelia, Dimitri and Siri belong to me
Sonic belongs to SEGA
SFG: Character profile

Name: Adelaide Amarna-Higgins
Nicknames: Ada and Addy
Age: 17 (half-immortal)
Species: Hedgehog
Height: 107cm
Weight: Rather not say
Alignment: Good
Powers: Chaos Control, Super speed, Great in hand to hand combat, Expert in mechanical skills and problems, gifted hoverboard flyer

Sonic the hedgehog (father)
Ophelia (mother)
Siri Mirkonovich (step-father)
Dimitri Mirkonovich (half-brother)
Amy Rose (step-mother)
Zach (half-brother)
Zara (half-sister)
Olive Amarna (maternal grandmother)
Jasper Higgins (maternal grandfather)
Aleena the hedgehog (paternal grandmother)
Manic the hedgehog (uncle)
Sonia the hedgehog (aunt)

Personality: Patient, Intelligent, Truthful, Honest, Stubborn, Childish at times

Appearance:  A fairly tall, hedgehog with pale baby blue fur. It isn't quite as vibrant as her father's fur but the tone is from him. She has hazel brown hair that falls just below her shoulders and is fairly wavy. She has large inquisitive eyes, a feature which she gets from her mother. They are the same sharp green as Sonic's.

History: Following a night involving a lot of Mobius' finest liqueur, Ophelia and Sonic conceived Ada. Sonic was aware of his daughter but both parents agreed it would be best if Sonic didn't have too much involvement as he was already on thin ice with his wife. Ophelia raised Ada in a small house along the coast of Apotos. Up until he passed away, Ophelia's grandfather Jasper (who was a well known fisherman in the town) also lived with them.

When she was seven years old, Ada and her mother were visiting the Apotos castle when she was involved in a terrible accident. Despite a lack of royalty in the castle, it still served as a popular tourist attraction. Ada and her mother, along with a large number of others, were walking around palace gardens when they were caught in an explosion. A synthetic Chaos Emerald had been planted in the garden, unbeknownst to everyone caught in the blast. As it was not a real Chaos Emerald it was not as powerful and thus the blast did not cause as much damage as it possible could. Unfortunately, Ada suffered exposure from the blast and it ultimately lead to her developing her powers of Chaos Control. As she was exposed to most of the blast, Ada was hospitalised for quite a while and almost died it made her that weak. Luckily for her a certain immortal blue echidna and a newly immortal Olive saved. Olive wanted her to be an immortal, but Angora was insistent on keeping Ada's mortal life. In the end, Ada was made half-immortal. Other than giving her the strength to recover, it would only increase lifespan to a little bit above average.

Shortly after the accident, it was announced that Ophelia was Olive's daughter and heir to the throne. Through this Ada became a princess. Shortly after becoming queen, Ophelia ended up marrying a childhood friend named Siri and a year later they had a son named Dimitri.

As she grew up, Ada became much more like her father. Where her mother was strict and believed in always abiding by the rules, Ada was much more independent and did not care if she bent some of those rules. She was noted to take after her father quite a bit, as she could be childish at times but was always interested in helping others.
SFG: Ada profile
Ada has been long overdue an updated profile so here you go! I've wanted to do this for a while but just didn't get round to it. Now that I have finished the first chapter, it seems like the perfect time to get it out :)

Ada, Ophelia, Siri, Dimitri, Olive and Jasper (c) me
Zach and Zara (c)


Sonic, Manic, Sonia and Aleena (c) to the respective companies who created them

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So, after a long and well needed break I have decided to return to the world of deviantART. Or should that be deviantSTORY?

Since the last time I was on, my writing has drastically improved. I kinda feel that most of my previous story's/scribbles on here were kind of lacklustre.

I have decided that I will continuing/re-starting Ada's story. I will tweaking some of the characters round, but generally, plot wise it'll remain the same.

I hope you guys stick around for the fresh start of Ada's story!

Chloe x


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